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Items for Sale (mostly Arashi + animanga)

Thank you all buyers for your purchase! :)
If you have a little time, please give a feedback on your experience.

Please put ITEM in SUBJECT: line.

Positive: +28
Neutral: 0
Negative: -0

(last update: 2014/1/12)

Also 100% Positive Ebay Feedback.


Hi, I'm alive, and this is completely late post.

I will be attending the Sapporo live of Arashi's LOVE tour, and if anyone would like to order any goods, I can pick-up for you :D

1st payment: Item yen total + Paypal fee (5.5%) 2nd payment: Shipping*
*Shipping cost will depend on the amount of goods and will be calculated AFTER the goods purchases. (Please inquire for approximate cost)

For US and Canada orders: I will ship from California, USA.
Goods will be shipped out in the beginning of December.
For International, I will ship them from Hong Kong. (airmail)
Goods will be shipped out about a week or so after the concert.

Deadline: November 12 7:00PST - HOWEVER, if you really want goods after the deadline, you can directly send your 1st payment to riceball.kun[@]gmail.com at 11/14 the latest as well as comment here, and I will get your order after arriving at Sapporo. Please include the Paypal fee in the payment!sorry due to quantity, I close at deadline.

Policy: If I cannot get your requested goods, I will refund you partially or fully. If I successfully purchased your goods, there are no returns or refunds and I will follow-up with the shipping cost. I will not be responsible for damages during transit or lost after shipping. That said, I have 100% delivery rate.

Please refer to here for close-up of the goods. Prices are as listed:

  1. Pamphlet - 2200yen
  2. Jumbo Uchiwa - 700yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  3. Posters - 800yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun) NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS.
  4. Shopping Bag - 2000yen
  5. Clearfile - 700yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  6. T-shirt - 3000yen
  7. Bath Towel - 3800yen
  8. Venue Limited Ribbon Bracelet - 700yen - NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS.
  9. Penlight - 1700yen
  10. Matching pouch set - 1700yen
  11. Large Handkerchief - 700yen
  12. Stationary set - 600yen
  13. Original Photo Set - 800yen (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  14. Mini Uchiwa - 400yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  15. Fuwa fuwa Sticker - 700yen


2013; but before, July 2012: Japan report

To all who has already reached 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Well, I am spending my last bits of 2012 reportin kyraensui and my trip to Japan back in July 2012. Almost 6 MONTHS AGO. Now that's a record for late late late! The tl;dr version is: This whole Japan trip revolved around Arashi nerdiness!

Day 1: Osaka - ArrivalCollapse )

Day 2: Osaka - Waku Waku Goods Line-upCollapse )

Day 3: Osaka - Arashi Waku Waku 2012!Collapse )

Day 4: Kyoto - ArashiyamaCollapse )

Day 5: Kyoto - GionCollapse )

Day 6: Tokyo - ArrivalCollapse )

Day 7: Tokyo: Ghbli Museum, TakaosanCollapse )

Day 8: Tokyo - Akihabara, KeikarouCollapse )

Day 9-10: FujiTV, NTV, AirportCollapse )

And this concludes our trip!!! FINALLY. 20 minutes to 2013 :P

Popcorn CD review

I finally received my copy at the end of last week, and here is my review for the CD. Mostly it would be reviewing the album songs.

My mouthful of individual track reviews :DvCollapse )

Final words:

I blasted it on loud stereos, and I can definitely appreciate the intended sound of "party dance pop" genre. There was a very nostalgic sound to it that screams late 1999's/early 2000's, like when DDR used to be the thing. For a '90's baby like me, that sound was a good type of nostalgia. Granted, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it was evident for this album that they were having fun with it, choosing what fulfills them and who they are first and foremost. Ohno picked his favorite genre (according to AD), Jun picked from last year's solo demo tapes cuz he really liked the funkness, and the other three totally matched their personalities.

Genre-wise, it's definitely opposite of Beautiful World. I still like BW a little more.Overall, as the boys suggested, playing the album in order gave the optimal experience. My only criticisms, as stated above, are the initial orderings and that some tracks the instrumentals overpower their voices. Also, while I like most of the album songs, they aren't the easiest to catch along right away. Popcorn is wonderful as a party compilation, but not as much a sing-along one (the tunes will grow on me tho). 

But I definitely loved Popcorn's packaging SO much more ♥ The popcorn heads and the popcorn story booklet were just SO fun and unique that I can't get enough of them. It adds to the whole fun theme they were aiming for. And DID I MENTION THE LITTLE GUYS WERE HIDING HERE TOO?



Hihi, I obviously am epic fail for not posting Japan report after almost 2 months... Stuff happened afterwards, and I'm not sure if there's any merits to post now..

But anyways... as posted on tumblr, my Blackboard ~Jikan to Tatakai Kyoshi-tachi~ DVD has arrived yesterday!!

The box is a 4-fold, and when you unfold each fold for the specific Night, you see a collage of pictures pertaining to that episode. It also comes with a booklet.

Well, I'm pretty much just flailing in my own little corner, since I know most of the fandom is dismissing it... But if my review didn't imply already, I truly loved the Drama SP and loved Sho's performance in here as Shirahama-sensei. I also love Night 2 and 3's stories as well, and certainly not regretting at all of the purchase (first drama one too).

I have only watched the press conference, and I'm reminded how transiently beautiful he was back then ♥ Cannot wait to watch the making. Now if only I know how to DVD rip! /newb

Edit: after thought.Collapse )


Back from Japan...

...two days ago, suffering jetlag :'D

Giant report to come. Gave up on it.


Brief AX report, Japan trip

Totally late and last minute AnimeExpo2012 report. My sister and I went for one and only reason: Kajiura Yuki and FictionJunction! *_____* And I can say we were totally successful because we got to go to their panel, their CONCERT (heavenly!!!), and got their autographs!!! Thank you gem2niki for the hotel!

More detail and some awesome cosplayersCollapse )

And now...

Off to Japan for 10 days!

Will be going with kyraensui! Can't wait to see Arashi's Waku Waku *____*; 

Fanime cosplay pics (2 weeks late~)

Late cuz I've been lazy...

Here are some of our Arashi Scene Tour cosplay pictures from Fanime2012 on Sunday night (cuz I was epic fail and super late on finishing my part orz). Costumes all made/gathered ourselves.

Btw, I am so not happy with the new LJ Scrapbook. They lost so many LJ security settings and options... Therefore, this post might be locked in the future, or not. Will see.

[info]hellmaster05 as our lovely camerawoman
[info]kyraensui as Mr.Shizuka
[info]mikage as Mr.ComeBack
[info]asaphira_sachi as Mr.Taboo

I was mistaken as "Mario version" of Michael Jackson by a few lol, but we were recognized by around 6 people.

That includes Tumblr, Weibo, another LJ account, or any other social media sites!
We are awesome.Collapse )

Any AnimeExpo attendees this year?

Seems my sister and I are going after all to see Yuki Kajiura and Fictionjunction.

If there's anyone here who's going, or know any people looking for hotel roommates, please PM me. Few conditions: 1) we much prefer all-female room, 2) we don't mind sleeping on the floor. 3) We're most likely only gonna stay 4 days 3 nights.

comments are screened. Thanks!



Mr.Taboo progress post

I guess I should say I graduated from college last week as undergrad. Finding jobs for animation/illustration will be tough and rough, but eh, I graduated, finally.

Before making a post for Fanime and all the lulz last week, gonna dedicate a post on the progress to this punk, completed at Fanime after starting back in August last year.


So much red and sparklesssssss.Collapse )

I think I came a long way since I first sewed. Before it's always been kinda half-assed, but this time I tried to be as accurate as possible, along with the right sewing techniques.
Unfortunately I was rushing to finish it, the final touches had many sewing (but not too visible) mistakes ): But I can still say it came together pretty well.

Fanime pics to come with Mr.Shizuka and Mr.ComeBacktoMe.


Hello, this is the spontaneous journal of Asa (or Sachi). Born on April 1st, my life revolves around frequently fangirling and occasional serious posts.

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