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Blackboard night 1 review

I know we're in the midst of the Kagiheya and Mikeneko heat...but I think Blackboard deserves some appreciation. Getting it out of my system while it's still fresh in my mind (and guh, I don't think I can think of anything else for the rest of the night tbh).

I don't have an explanation for the rating (11.0%), though I saw many comments even among fans that it's such a sensitive topic that they didn't want to watch. Could the scandal have pulled some tricks? I don't know. There were also many fans in Japan who weren't able to watch realtime but recorded it. But rating isn't exactly reflective of quality.

What matters is that, it really was a solid and touching drama, and Sho performed so well. AND GOSH DID I BAWL MY EYES OUT IN THE SECOND HALF. T_____T (yes, that part.)

In case I hint spoilers. And my sappy comments.Collapse )

Blackboard can take my money for DVD already. Yesssssss.

[DL] Random Blackboard promo videos

I'm super, super excited about Blackboard. It's a serious, raging(?), and tragic role (iono, but Sho seems to be so good that). And his hair♥ But I haven't seen much hype about it around LJ, so here are some lovely HQ videos from trolling all over the place.

I'll leave this public, but all I ask is no hotlinking and NO STREAMING.

Those excited for Blackboard, PUT YOUR HANDS UP! 1-2 more days~

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For Sales

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M5 thoughts/guesses

x-posted from tumblr.

Frankly, I like how the outfits are super strange and lolz this time. I mean…this is the 5th time with the “date” theme for the SP, so I doubt the boys really took the theme too seriously. If they were all safe and neat and predictable, there will be no show.

Onward to the guesses/thoughtsCollapse )



A silent prayer for one year after Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami...
Seeing how the country has come so far since it happened is truly something amazing.


*stained my carpet with wax afterwards*


HBD 30th to Sho-chan~~


Dearest Candle Sho/Mr.Chesto/Nadegata Japan/嵐のお母さん~♥ thanks for taking us on this journey of watching you grow and letting us see the many sides of you. Never stop being your sexy, pretty, dorky, failing, smart, intelligent, caring, hard-working self. We will all be supporting you from where we are.

Mr.reverse-aging, you. Looking forward to your SP drama, such a challenging role, tho please don't scare me with the crew cut rumor -my weak heart won't be able take it xD-.

Nope, he's really 30.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, West Coast! :D



Well, bandwagon-ing out of love. C/P from my tumblr:

I’m super proud of the boys for handling it professionally and calmly.

It may sound like we fans are making excuses to defend them, but we aren’t. Fans acknowledge the fact they can’t sing flawless already. But the technical conditions made the performance as ‘bad’ as it was. (because there's no excuse for what happened to Nino and Sho's mics at the beginning)

As yamakaze said, with instrumental too loud, they can’t take the right key. Plus, with the mic not on their maximum volume , the boys also strain their voices by trying to raise the volume vocally. While dancing without their ear pieces. Though it’s rather fishy this happened just 15 minutes right after Imoutoyo.

Boys, keep shining for MS and Kouhaku ♥ We will support you all the way. DON'T BE AFRAID TO PERFORM MEIYUU LOVE SONG AGAIN CUZ I LOVE SEEING IT LIVE NONETHELESS ♥

PS: Contrary to most, I don't think Ohno's refrain saved the performance. His voice was better, but just as strained.



whoops, I missed the 11:11 morning and night. Oh well.

To make a post for 111111, I just wanna say I officially declare this week as Sho-love week (*´д`*)♥ Birth of Candle Sho. So much bullying (loving) on VSA with Nazodi team, so much member-ai on the Meikyuu Love Song lives, especially the latest MSta performance and talk. Stares and skinship and all. And GUH is the formation of Meikyuu totally OSM or what? ♥ 自分の設定は妖精さんと騎士4人だけどw

Sorry for this useless post, but nothing in my life is worth writing about atm.


Meikyuu review

Real-time flails have taken place in Tumblr nowadays more than here lol. Anyways...

Usually I don't buy singles, but this is an exception in order to support Sho's work ♥ I've been advocating Nazodi since creating its comm, so of course I had to~

Now for the song reviews:
I've taken a liking for Meikyuu Love Song since the preview, even if it wasn't what I had expected for the drama. It suits the mood for Nazodi, and it's like Love Rainbow part-two~ Only thing that's still puzzling me is the drum part for the chorus. I don't know how to describe it... like... too many beats? But when I sing along, the drums make sense. It's a meikyuu of its own. o_o; As for B-side songs, I immediately took a liking to Kienu Omoi for some reason. Maybe because it has a nostalgic feel and that it's a showcase for their voices because of the solo parts. The jazzy kinda makes it timeless. The harmony in together, forever is really, really pleasant to listen to, something I actually would love to hear live. Biased opinion, but I love hearing Sho hitting the higher notes lately x3; Tho, the arrangement had room for more spice-up. Utakata and wanna be... I have very similar comment, in that they sound very... segmented...The verses and bridges don't match xD; Utakata kinda confuses me, but the latter is catchy. It kinda reminds me of an early V6 song.

Oh yeah, the booklet was beautiful~ I wonder why Sho was given particularly darker backgrounds, as if he isn't fair-skinned enough xD

I didn't buy the regular edition since I'm hoping to...somehow purchase the 7net BW. I've also been keep saying BW really deserves to be #1 this year on Oricon simply because the songs were well-produced and because of its message in response to the earthquake. Hmmm... this also means I should refrain from buying any more Sho magazines omg...


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