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November 5th, 2013

Hi, I'm alive, and this is completely late post.

I will be attending the Sapporo live of Arashi's LOVE tour, and if anyone would like to order any goods, I can pick-up for you :D

1st payment: Item yen total + Paypal fee (5.5%) 2nd payment: Shipping*
*Shipping cost will depend on the amount of goods and will be calculated AFTER the goods purchases. (Please inquire for approximate cost)

For US and Canada orders: I will ship from California, USA.
Goods will be shipped out in the beginning of December.
For International, I will ship them from Hong Kong. (airmail)
Goods will be shipped out about a week or so after the concert.

Deadline: November 12 7:00PST - HOWEVER, if you really want goods after the deadline, you can directly send your 1st payment to riceball.kun[@]gmail.com at 11/14 the latest as well as comment here, and I will get your order after arriving at Sapporo. Please include the Paypal fee in the payment!sorry due to quantity, I close at deadline.

Policy: If I cannot get your requested goods, I will refund you partially or fully. If I successfully purchased your goods, there are no returns or refunds and I will follow-up with the shipping cost. I will not be responsible for damages during transit or lost after shipping. That said, I have 100% delivery rate.

Please refer to here for close-up of the goods. Prices are as listed:

  1. Pamphlet - 2200yen
  2. Jumbo Uchiwa - 700yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  3. Posters - 800yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun) NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS.
  4. Shopping Bag - 2000yen
  5. Clearfile - 700yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  6. T-shirt - 3000yen
  7. Bath Towel - 3800yen
  8. Venue Limited Ribbon Bracelet - 700yen - NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS.
  9. Penlight - 1700yen
  10. Matching pouch set - 1700yen
  11. Large Handkerchief - 700yen
  12. Stationary set - 600yen
  13. Original Photo Set - 800yen (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  14. Mini Uchiwa - 400yen each (Group/Ohno/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun)
  15. Fuwa fuwa Sticker - 700yen


Hello, this is the spontaneous journal of Asa (or Sachi). Born on April 1st, my life revolves around frequently fangirling and occasional serious posts.

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